Friday, January 28, 2011

10,000,000,000 Billion Downloads & Counting

       Wow, do we love the iPod or what? Can you believe that they have reached this amazing milestone? It was just a little over 10 years ago whenever Apple released the first iPod. As a matter of fact Apple released the first iPod MP3 player on October 23, 2001. I believe that this is the product that saved the company. After Microsoft had a very good decade in the 90’s with the Window’s operating system, Apple came along with these wonderful little gem’s. Admit it, those of you who have one, love it don’t you? You, if you are like me, wouldn’t give it up for anything.

        They come in various models, from the shuffle, classic, and the touch. They have discontinued a few model’s as well. Like the photo, mini, and the ever popular nano. What all of us really didn’t enjoy was the software. It seems as though at first, iTunes was really only compatible on the Mac, NOT the PC. Over the year’s though if I do say so myself, iTunes has gotten a lot better. Then it happened on April 29, 2003, the iTunes store. This is where it all started.

       Everyone remembers being able to buy and download MP3’s. You could either buy a single song or the cd. Single song’s sold for $1.29, while the cd went for $9.99. There are still, for whatever reason, a lot of various artist who refuse to sell the material through the iTunes store. It took a very long time for my favorite band of all time to make it, but hey they made it. I am of course talking about the originator’s, The Beatles.

       Then they just had to do it. They released the iPhone and my personal favorite, the iPod Touch. That’s where we get all of the apps. It was in September of 2006 when they started selling games and iTunes 7 came out. No looking back. They truly have an app for all of your needs. From office, productivity, utilities, games, books, the list goes on. I almost forgot, in April of 2010 the released the iPad. They sold an astounding 3 million of them in 80 day’s. We love our technology. What are you waiting for? You know that you want to, go ahead it’s o.k., head on over to the iTunes store right now and purchase something. As always, enjoy your day! 




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