Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Cloud

     Today I would like to focus a little on one of the new sensation’s that’s sweeping the internet, it’s the Cloud. It’s really not new, but I think that it is now finally starting to take off in a very big way. Just what is Cloud Computing? Well let’s just take a blog and see here, it’s location independent computing, where shared servers provide resources, software, and data to computers and other devices, as in an electricity grid. It’s the widespread adoption of virtualization.  To me that’s it, just virtual. There are many computer companies out there who provide such services. You don’t have to have a lot of server’s for your workplace anymore, you just buy cloud services.

         One of the best ideas’ in technology to come along I think. Everyone who’s ready to try out cloud computing, just do a search on it. Google’s new operating system is based on Cloud Computing. You no longer have to have a very high powered computer, like Microsoft wants you to have. Seems as though evey system that they put out, you had to have a better processor, memory, hard drive, and so on. Google wants it where you don’t have to have much memory and no or a small hard drive. Everything will be done online. That is where we spend a lot of our time anyway.

        There are a few other cloud based operating system’s out there, from JoliCloud, Vmware, Red Hat Linux, IBM, Good OS, eyeOS, Easy Peasy, Ubuntu Linux Server “Cloud Edition”. The Cloud Operating System is a very simplistic system that runs a web browser, providing the user with access to a variety of web based application’s  that allows the user to perform many simple tasks without booting a full blown operating system. Because of it’s simplicity, it has a boot time of a few seconds. It’s designed mainly for netbooks, mobile internet devices, and older slower PC’s, that are mainly used to browse the internet. From the cloud the user can quickly boot into the OS, because the cloud continues booting the main os in the background.  

       Web and App developer’s like to use it, because it provides them the opportunity to try their new developments. I personally don’t really know a whole lot about it. I have installed and messed around with a few of the systems myself. I am as always very interested and very eager to learn. Do a search for yourself, and if you know anymore than I do, please feel free to share. Leave a comment or shoot me an email @  Go on get out there and enjoy your day!     




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