Thursday, January 27, 2011


               Today I would like to expound a little about the CompTIA certificates. I am presently studying for my A+ Certification. I didn't know if their were other's out there, who were doing the same. I have found it to be a lot of studying, through books, watching video's, and of course hands on.  You may ask, what is CompTIA? Well, I'll tell you, it's the Computing Technology Industry Association, it is known as the provider of professional certifications for the information technology industry (IT).  Right now the Comptia Associating is offering almost half price on their membership.

               They offer a number of different certifications in the IT field. First I think would be the A+ certification. It is the certificate that demonstrates competency as a computer technician. It cover's a number of different technologies and  computer operating system's. Topic's of the essential's or core examination's, include IRQ's, direct memory access, and practical computer repair. Some or all of the things that you would study would be, the installation and repair of hard drives, modem's, network card's, CPU' (central processing unit's), power supplies, PDA's, and printer's. The main focus is not theory, but practice.

               There are a number a number of different vendor's or provider's who offer help for this certification. They offer what they call " boot camps" for this offering. Prices vary, due a search if you are interested. I myself am unable to afford some of the pricing. That's why for me, I relied on my good 'ol friend Google.

              Upon doing a thourough search, I was able to obtain a lot of vauluble, even you may call priceless information. One day while doing a search, I came across a guy that goes by the name of Professor Messer. I have got to tell you, this guy is brilliant! A very good teacher in the IT field. He has a website, the address is here:  He has on his website, put together a number of different video's on a number of different topic's ranging from CompTIA A+, Network, Security, Microsoft, to name a few catagories. Some of his video's, he offer's freely. His pricing on his full length video's are very reasonable.

           You can also view samples of his video's on Youtube as well.  I myself am looking forward to the day of taking and passing my A+ certification. I would like to say that I don't mind the job that I have now, it's just not the right job. I am passionate about being in the IT field. Working with computer's and on computer's is something that I truly enjoy. Remember to as always get out there and enjoy your day and enjoy what you are doing!  




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