Saturday, January 22, 2011


           Today I would like to give some thoughts about our good friends at Google. I really enjoy all of the wonderful services that they have, almost all are free. They are so much more than the best search engine provider. They have the best of almost everything. They have the best and the fastest web browser out there, Chrome, or on the Linux desktop, it's called Chromium. Simply the fastest browser. Give it a try, if you haven't already, you will be very pleased, I guarantee. I can wait until they release the official Chrome OS, yes folks it's true. May I add, it's really cool. You can download a copy @ .  Just simply download it, burn it on a disk, restart your computer, make sure BIOS settings boot from CD first and there you have it.

             Try out all of Google's product's. The have a very good email in gmail. They also have Reader, Picasa, the list just goes on and on and they are all very good. Oh yeah, you might check out Google Voice as well. You can make FREE calls anywhere in the good 'ol USA. That's right free. You can make calls from the inbox of gmail as well. One other really cool thing is you can send SMS too, yes text messages. I have been using Google Products for years. Hoping to get one of their new CR-48 laptop's that they are giving away as well. What you mean you haven't heard about the Pilot Program? Well just head on over to this address now and sign up  .  I really just can't say enough of good thing's about the good people at Google. Remember one thing, get out enjoy your day and happy teching!    




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