Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Tablet’s Are Coming, The Tablet's Are Coming

              What’s all the fuss now day’s with the tablet PC’s? It seems as though that all the major computing companies are distributing them. The lesser know companies are manufacturing them as well. It seems as though everyone wants in one the growing bandwagon and as usual everyone wants to cash in. Whenever the things first came out (Microsoft released a version way back in 2001, a full X86 version) nobody wanted them, they just sat on the shelves clogging up valuable retail space. I guess that it really wasn’t until Apple came out with the iPad in April of last year, that kick started the craze once again.

                  Now we have like I’ve mentioned different manufacture’s processing them. It is probably due to the fact of the Android Operating system. Then of course Microsoft has put Windows 7 on their versions. Apple has got the iOS for the iPad, and there are some companies that are releasing some with Linux on them. Of course there are a lot of different tablet’s, running different OS’s, as well different architecture’s (processor’s). Some of those different processor’s include the ARM, Intel Atom, and the X86.   

                   I myself don’t own one, but if I was to buy one, it would be a tossup between an iPad an a tablet with the Android on it. I feel as though that those two particular operating system’s are perfect for the tablet. What I like with Apple and Google’s Android, is well, the apps. I just really enjoy all of the different games, utilities, productivity apps. The list is almost endless. I would say that the Android does have the advantage though. Most all of their apps are free and the price of say the Samsung Galaxy Tab is much more cheaper than the iPad.

                   Still for some reason people are buying them. Apple sold 3 million in under 90 day’s. More and more of the cell phone provider’s are starting to carry them as well. Do you think that the cell phone is going to become obsolete? In 10 years from now, will we all have them. I’ve read that doctor’s, teacher’s, businessmen all over the country are switching to them. I even read of one instance, I think of some city in the state of Tennessee they are requiring the student’s from the 6th to the 12th grade to have them.

                   I know that where I work there have been rumor’s of us switching to the iPad’s. They say are productivity is supposed to increase tremendously. Anything would be better than our 10 year old Panasonic Toughbook’s. I’m sure they were fine for their time. Who knows, 10 maybe 20 year’s from now, everyone will have them. I think that Dell does make a model that does make phone calls. I for one really do hope that we switch to them here at work. I can’t wait to try one out. Then again on know that you can go on eBay and find a fairly cheap model running the Android. Tell me does anyone out there have any thoughts or ideas on the Tablet’s? I can be reached @    As always get out there and enjoy your day!    




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