Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Tech

          Yesterday I had talked about some of yesterday's technology to today's. I've got to admit, I really do enjoy all of the "good stuff" that we have today in technology. I talked about having the Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2. It is an amazing phone. I think that HTC makes some of the best phone's out there. If they had an app market for their phone, they would easily beat the iPhone. That's where Google came in with the Android. I got to tell you, I simply love the Open Source compared to plain 'ol boring Window's Mobile. I had talked about dual booting my phone with Window's and Android. Yes, just like on your desktop or laptop, your phone can be dual booted as well. I would like to share a link of it  :

          It is really wonderful, all of today's tech. The best part of it all, nowday's just do a search on it. What I meant is whatever you are attempting to do, just search, the answer is there. I myself use the search engine that I have used for the longest time, Google. Everyone else doesn't even compare. Until next time, get out there, enjoy your day and happy teching!




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