Tuesday, January 25, 2011



     The USB Flash Drive. There was a time when these little gems came out they only had a limited amount of space, and the price was really expensive. I remember just the 128 mega byte. Year by year though as we advanced in computer technology, our hard drives got bigger, more storage space. We increased our memory as well, it only made sense with more people using these little gem’s that they would grow in size as well. It’s not unusual to find a 4 GB drive or even an 8 GB drive as a standard these are really cheap at WalMart. You can pick up the 4 Gigabyte for around $10, and the 8 Gigabyte for around $20.

       They have many uses. Most people use to just carry them around in their pocket with office files or pictures, not anymore. You can run some of your favorite browsers and software from these little things. Try going to http://portableapps.com/   , this site has some really great programs or applications. You can also find a lot of really good program’s here: www.pendriveapps.com/

       So, you see the USB Flash Drive is not just for office files and pictures anymore. What I really like to put on these little gem’s is different operating systems, or as they say in the world of Linux “flavor’s”. One of the best way’s to get an operating system on these little drive’s, is to use a program called Unetbootin, which can be found here http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/  There is another really good place to try for putting operating system’s on your flash drive, it’s called Pen Drive Linux, which can be found here http://www.pendrivelinux.com/

         I myself probably like one of the newer Linux operating system’s the best, it’s Chrome OS Linux. It’s actually based on the cloud operating system,           ( different topic, might elaborate on later), You can find the Chrome operating system here: http://getchrome.eu/  There is a really young guy out there who makes burnable images of the Chrome operating system. From what I’ve read, he’s only in his teens. He builds these images from scratch and makes them, of course, freely available on his website. He goes by the name of Hexxeh, his website can be found here: http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/ 

          So you see, there are many uses now day’s for the usb flash drive. I hope that people out there have as much fun going to these website’s, trying some of the thing’s that I’ve suggested, as much as I have had about writing about them. Technology is so cool. So, go on already, get out there enjoy your day and happy teching!




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