Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just A Little More Tech News

                        Microsoft finally today released a update of copy and paste for Windows Mobile Phone 7. It was only released to developer’s though. There is no word on when it will be released to the public. The new update also includes a number of performance improvements that promise to speed up application launch time. I like many other’s am still using Windows 6.5. Since my phone is flashed, maybe I’ll put Windows Mobile 7 on it and see just what all of the fuss is.

                         Is it true? It seems as though that Apple is using a new material for the shell of the new iPad. It seems as though that they are trying to make it lighter. I really see no need to change it. It also seens as though that they are keeping the 10 inch screen and not going to make the 7 inch. If we all know Apple like we do, I say that they will probably make both. I don’t know how they will do without Steve Jobs. I don’t know if anyone has seen him as of late, but the man really don’t look well. We will have to keep him and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

                          On a latter note, it seems as though almost half of the people who have an Android based phone on Verizon will switch to the iPhone, now that Verizon is going to carry it. And the number is even greater for those who have Blackberry phones. Wow, big money for Apple and Verizon!

                          It seems as though that some hacker’s have hacked into the computer’s on Wall Street. It seems as though that it was the NASDAQ stock computer’s. Federal investigators are looking into it. Wow, that means that those computer’s are vulnerable. Billions of dollar’s could be who knows? Is this how the next crash is going to happen? Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.

                                 Alright onto the last bit of news for the day. Is everyone ready for tomorrow’s big game? Are you for the Packer’s or the Steelers? I’m taking the Steelers on this one. Green Bay, is well green.  As always keep an eye out for those Super Bowl commercials. There is going to be one for the upcoming animated movie Rio. In the ad there will be a hidden code for a downloadable Angry Birds levels. If you miss the ad or miss the code, it will be available later on You Tube. Get on out there and enjoy your day!




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