Friday, February 4, 2011

A Little Tech News

                       Here is a little of today’s newsworthy notes. Verizon Wireless has sold out it’s pre order of their iPhone. It looks as though Verizon and Apple are about to make a lot of money. Speaking of the iPhone, the application called Greenp0ison just released their update for those of you who are interested to be able to jailbreak the 4.2.1 of that iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, untethered even. Member’s of the Chronic Dev Team released it earlier today. I would say to do a search on it, or check your favorite torrent site for the application and the instructions. Someday I’ve got to do this!

                         In even more Apple news, it seems as though the the iPad has been rumored to be released next week. Let’s keep our eye’s peeled for this one. It seems as though that the battle still rages on between Google and Microsoft. Google claiming that they have proof that Bing is copying Google’s search result’s. It really wouldn’t surprise me at all. I don’t know how many people out there use Bing. The search results are o.k., but Google is a lot better. I would NOT recommend anyone to download the Bing toolbar. It really slows down the IE and your computer as well. Upon further finding’s Spybot Search & Destroy finds it as spyware. I wouldn’t pull you leg on that one.

                        Oh and on a latter and last note, it seems as though that selling our data to advertising companies wasn’t good enough for our friends at Facebook. Now it seems as though that they are going to start sharing our phone number’s with advertiser’s as well. If you’ve got your phone number on there like I do, better take it off quickly. It also seems as though good ‘ol Uncle Sam is looking into the matter. Do we dare think that Zuckerberg will pay off the politician’s? Hmmmmmmm! Now go on, get out there and enjoy your day!      




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