Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Little Tech News

                    I don't know how many people still watch, but I would say that the game show Jeopardy is still pretty popular. I'm sure that it's height of popularity is gone, but none the less it still get's substantial ratings. Starting tomorrow it's Man VS. Machine. That's right, two of the show's mega-champions, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter are going to face a computer in the ultimate intelligence test. These two gentlemen will be pitted against IBM's newest computer named Watson, which is designed to play Jeopardy at the highest level.  Does man have what it takes to compete against Watson? Tune in tomorrow on your local channel and at the local time and watch the as the games begin.

                     In another bit of tech news, we saw or heard on Wednesday that Activision was going to discontinue Guitar Hero. Those that make the game, Harmonix will lay off 15% of it's workforce. Jihn Drake of Harmonix, reassured us that Rock Band will still Rock on!

                     In some other new's from today, we've been told that some of your local Walmart's are going to carry Verizon Wireless' iPhone. Apple is currently in the works on a smaller iPhone, that will have free backup service.

                     Speaking of mobile technology, keep an eye out for all of the news from the Mobile World Conference. That is where all of the manufacturer's are showcasing their new technology. We will see what's new in the mobile world from cell phones, smart phones, and of course the ever popular tablet's. It's been a great and exciting week in the world of technology. Our time is now up, so get out there and enjoy your day!




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