Sunday, February 20, 2011


                Only in America. We are a very peculiar people. Here in this country, we will and do buy and sell anything and ecerything. I've heard and seen it all now though. There is a new website out there where you can go to buy and sell your old digital music. It's called ReDigi. It is officially launching this summer, it is in beta right now. It's founder's are calling it, the industry's first of it's kind. The name ReDigi is short for recycled digital media.This is a privately funded company that claims thatb it has developed a business model that passes copyright first-sale doctrinetests that were barrier's for other's who had tried this before. It was developed by MIT graduates,

                You can go there and legally sell your used MP3's and other digital music files and buy other people's used music files at discounted prices. Now, Apple the music industry and  other companies are not going to like this. You will be able to go to their site and file transfer from your computer to another's that you are buying from. Upon the completion of the file transfer the digital media is permanetly deleted. How long will it take the pirateer's to figure out a way around this?

                 They will set their prices based on availability and other factors, but most are expected to sell between 59 cents and 79 cents. Not bad. How good is the quality though? Seller's get free membership to upload their music through a simple drag and drop process from their iTunes library or other media player to a ReDigi recycle icon.

                How long will it take Apple and the RIAA before the legal suit's start knocking on their door? Will we see any official launch of this site? I don't know, I can't answer that question. I am though going over to the website and signing up. I started this with here in America we will buy and sell anything. You know what? We also like to save a dollar as well.  If you are ready to clear off that old MP3 player, then head on over to ReDigi. They can be found here:   As always get out there and enjoy your day!




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