Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some of the First in Technology

               I thought that I would try and showcase some difference today. I'm going to write and show some pictures ( a first for me here on this site), of some of the firsts in Technology. I thought that it would be fun and educational as well. Below we will look at the first mouse, first Apple home computer, and the first computer. Sort of a walk if you will in a time machine. Just look at the technology from then, we sure have come a long way in the world of technology  baby!

                                                              The first Computer Mouse?

                  Proving that things were way cooler back in the day, is the world's first computer mouse. Made by Douglas Engelbart in 1964, it "consisted of two gear-wheels positioned perpendicular to each other -- allowing movement on one axis." Just look at this thing. Ergonomic shape, great button placement --and it's made of wood. If that ain't style, then I don't know what is. Sure the front has rotted out, but who cares. My mouse looks like that, and it's brand new.

                                                        AHH The first Apple Computer!


          This is Apple I. The first Apple computer. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the most famous members of the Homebrew Computer Club, designed it over 30 years ago, in 1976. It was mostly a kit computer. Users bought the workings and built their own case.Many leaders in mainline computer companies like IBM and Digitial did not believe at that time that personal computers were powerful enough to have a market. Sales of the Apple I and other PC’s that followed it, proved them wrong.

Here it is, The 1st Computer!
             Originally announced on February 14, 1946, the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC), was the first general-purpose electronic computer. Hailed by The New York Times as "an amazing machine which applies electronic speeds for the first time to mathematical tasks hitherto too difficult and cumbersome for solution," the ENIAC was a revolutionary piece of machinery in its day. It was constructed and operated here at The Moore School of Electrical Engineering, now part of the School of Engineering and Applied Science.Today, it is difficult to imagine how we could manage without the myriad electronic devices that we utilize each day. From our "smart" phones, touch screens, and tiny cameras to our automobiles, airplanes and medical equipment and devices, electronics is the engine driving us forward. So there you have it! What did you think? I thought that these pictures were facsinating! Get out there and enjoy your day!




It's great to know about the starters and real images. Very hardly found such info on web except in very few.

Thanks for sharing


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