Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just A Little Tech News

              There are a few announcements to make in the world of technology today. As promised this Friday March the 11th, Apple will release to the general public  the updated version of iOS to 4.3. This is the version that was released or shipped with the newest iPad 21. If you are an Apple developer you have had access to this update for a few days as well now. Those who have been fortunate to preview this newest release have noticed and found some hidden features.  Of course there is faster browser support for JavaScript performance and better support between a Mac and an iOS device, you will also have the ability to turn your iPhone 4 into a “personal hotspot” sharing your 3G connection with other devices. Now those of you who don’t have an iPhone 4, don’t run out and buy one, as the iPhone 5 will be here by summer. Like I had mentioned there are some hidden features to the new update, they are as follows:

               The App Store will finally recognize apps you’ve previously purchased, even if they’re not          installed on your device at the moment.
Personal Hotspot will only let you share your connection with up to 3 devices over WiFi, the other   two will have to use Bluetooth or USB tethering.
iTunes Home Sharing is a bit of a pain to set up.

             Hopefully Apple will work out the kinks in the Home Sharing feature, and yes it’s finally good to have the ability of WiFi tethering. Any improvements to the App store is a much wanted and needed welcome. Maybe now would be a good time to give one of our iOS devices a jailbreak? Just thinking!

             In other news, we have the following vauluble information, it seems as though that Google has finally pulled the plug on the malicious apps. They have found and removed all 21 rogue infected apps. This malware like all malware was siphoning identity information from Android handsets and installing security holes to get all of your personal information. There are about 50,000 infected handsets out there. Google not only pulled the apps, but called the authorities as well. They are going to be removing all offending apps and beefy up the code. They will release what's called " The Android Market Security Tool March 2011". I know know why Apple monitors their apps the way that they do. Let's just hope that Google has learned from this experience and start's monitoring it's apps as well. Let's rid the tech community of these people who exploit other's to their own advantage.

          Some other item of intrest, It seems as though with the release of the iPad 2, Apple held the top spot for tablet's. Over 90% of the market share that is. One thing that I was glad to hear was that Motorola says that the Xoom, is inferior to the iPad 2. They are going to be doing some analyzing of the situation at hand. Word has it that they will be reducing the price of the Xoom. I myself though that the price tag was entirely too steep. My money is still awaiting the release of the HTC Flyer. I don't know about anyone else, but I am anticipating the release of this. That's all I have for now, so get out there and enjoy your day!




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