Monday, March 7, 2011

Are You Up To Date?

         How many people out there are running their PC’s without any antivirus software? You need to have it for your PC, it’s very essential.  I’m often asked by friends, “ Can my computer get a virus? I have antivirus software installed”. The answer to this question is yes. Even though you have antivirus software installed on your PC, it can become infected. Do you keep your antivirus and spyware software up to date? If not, you should. You need to update it daily and run a scan at least once a week.  New software is the best software. By making sure that your PC is running the latest software versions, you get enhanced features and critical security patches.

          What is the best antivirus software out there? Some would differ or even argue on this question. I know that any is better than none. Whenever you buy that new PC, don’t let that pesky salesperson talk you into buying any. There is no need to, since most security companies offer some of the best free antivirus. Some would say AVG, Avira AntiVir, Avast, Comodo, Panda, MacAfee, the list is almost endless. There is also Microsoft Security Essential. I highly recommend this, as well as Avira. In my estimation, two of the best products on the market. I wish we didn’t have to have antivirus software, but we do. It used to be that viruses and spyware was exclusively on Windows OS’s, but not so anymore. In recent years we have seen and heard of viruses on the Mac and Linux as well.

           There are a lot of really great free antivirus software out there, what you use is really a matter of choice or preference. I myself have both Avira Antivir free and Microsoft Security Essentials. Both are free, lightweight, and they don’t cost any money, the best part. Now for spyware software, my choice is still Spybot Search & Destroy. I think by far, the very best anti spyware software, and it’s free as well. You can find these program’s or applications at the following links:
                Microsoft Security Essentials:
                Spybot Search & Destroy:
            Whatever your choice of preference, just make sure that you keep your PC protected and that you keep it updated on a daily basis. Like I mentioned, it’s very essential. If you would like, drop a few lines of comments, I would like to know what’s on the minds of people. As always, get out there and enjoy your day! 



Thanks! It means a lot! I haven't been doing this too long, I have a burning desire to be the very best! With words of encouragement from people like you, it makes it sooo much better! Have a wonderful day! :0

I still haven't remembered to install av on this computer since I updated to 7. Luckily I've been ok so far.

Money Ninja my friend, don't waste anymore time. Install some sort of protection for your machine. Wait until you read tomorrow's post. I hope that you enjoy your day!


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