Thursday, March 31, 2011

Google + 1

             Here it is, introducing the Google + 1 button. When you are looking for something, sometimes it get’s annoying without any help. You search and search, maybe through a tweet, a shared video, a blog post. Well the search just got a little better. It’s been clear that Google wants social media in their algorithm. It not only reduces spam, but you get better personalized results. The + 1 button will soon start appearing alongside search results and in time on websites.

                  This of course is the reason why it’s being introduced, to make sharing on the web an even more enjoyable user experience. People might share recommendations more often if they knew that in turn, it would help their friends out. If someone signs into their Google account and they have a friend who has a website and they in turn use the + 1 for their friends site after doing a search, thus recommending your site to the world. What a great concept.   Of course now we are going to have the big debate over what is better the “Facebook Like button” or” the Google + 1 button”. I don’t know about anyone one else, but as for me, I “like” the + 1 button just a little bet better. What do you think? I would love to hear your comments. As always, get out there and enjoy your day!         



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