Monday, March 21, 2011

Movies on the Net

               Do you like movies? Who doesn’t? Do you rent movies? Do you buy movies? Well you really shouldn’t do either. What I suggest is that you search for them on the internet. There are thousands made freely available. I know you are worried about the quality. There is a guy out there who puts the best quality DVD rips out there. Some of you may not even know what a DVD rip is. I’ll tell you. Simply put it’s just an exact copy of a movie to the hard drive. So if you are looking for a great quality movie out there, do a Google search for aXXo. That guy put’s out the best quality movies on the internet. You won’t find any new movies, only ones that have already made it to DVD.

              Now that you have found the aXXo site download the movie. You have to use a torrent client. Some people may even not know what a torrent is. I say just let Google be your friend a do a search. Once you have it downloaded you will then have to put on a DVD. Now if you want to watch it in your home DVD player then you will have to use a DVD+R disc. The +’s will allow you to watch them in your home DVD player, the –‘s will not. They will only allow you to be able to view them on your computer.

               Next you will have to get a DVD burning software. For this I would suggest that you use ConvertXtoDVD. By far the best burning software on the market. There are several different burning apps out the, but for the best quality, nothing is better. You can create great DVDs from various video formats to watch them on TV with any DVD player. ConvertXtoDVD has been designed so you do not need to think about anything. Add 1 or more video files, insert a blank DVD and your video files will be converted and burnt automatically on to DVD with chapters and even an elegant DVD menu. It’s simply the best. Here is a video below to see this software for your self. Now get out there and enjoy your day!       



This was absolutely the best article that I have read regarding this issue. Kudos to the owner of this blog for writing such masterpiece!

Thank You for your wonderful comment!

I agree, you do write your articles with passion. I hope you get the time to post for me some time in the future.

Absolutely anytime, it would be my pleasure!


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