Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music in the Cloud

Have you been over to Amazon’s website lately? If you haven’t, you really need to check out their new service. Yes, they now have cloud services for music. There were rumors of this. They done it before both Google and Apple. Both the “Cloud Drive” and the “Cloud Player” are live on their website.  Cloud Drive is the name that they have given to their media storage space on their servers. You just go and sign up and they give you the first 5 GB free and allow you to access the media player from any computer. There is one player for the web and another player for Android devices.

Any album bought through Amazon MP3 is stored for free in your Cloud Drive — a very nice perk.
  If you buy one album from Amazon MP3, they’ll upgrade your Cloud Drive storage to 20 GB for free for a year — another nice perk.
Normally, 20 GB of Drive storage will cost $20 for a year. 50 GB is $50. 100 GB is $100. And so on. All the way up to 1 TB for $1,000.
The Cloud Drive storage isn’t just for music — Amazon notes that 1 TB will hold 70 hours of HD video.
Other files can be uploaded — this includes music, movies, photos, and even documents.
The MP3 uploader accepts MP3 or AAC files, but they must be DRM-free (.wma, .wav, .ogg and others are not supported)
Old Amazon MP3 purchases aren’t put in your Cloud Drive, only new purchases going forward (though you can manually upload).
The Android Cloud Player is built into the Amazon MP3 app — it’s in both the Android Market and Amazon’s new Appstore.
This is for U.S. customers only for the time being.
Cloud Player for the web works on IE 8 and above, Firefox 3.5 and above, Chrome, and Safari. There is no Opera support. And Flash is required (but for uploads only).
There’s also a stand-alone uploader app for Mac and PC.
You can’t upload music from your mobile device “at this time”.

    We knew that this was going to happen and there you have it. Amazon was the first big company to offer such services. I see that it won’t take long before Google, Apple, Sony and some of the other big names out there will follow. I would love to hear your comments. As always Get out there and enjoy your day!  




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