Friday, April 8, 2011

Android on the Desktop?

Have you heard of Blue Stacks?

           I would probably say that you haven’t.

      Blue Stacks is an application that will enable you to run the Android OS on your desktop. This is the latest in the line of attempts to bring the mobile operating system to traditional PC’s. We have that trend where people are trying to bring the mobile OS to the desktop. The next release of OS X (Lion) promises to bring a lot of the features from iOS to the Mac OS.  

     Hewlett Packard is in development to release their mobile OS, the WebOS, which is used in their Pre line of mobile phones and which is used in their newest TouchPad to PC’s. The benefit of bringing mobile OS’s to the desktop is that mobile OS’s and their applications are so easy to use that smartphones and tablet’s have replaced traditional PC’s for a lot of user’s.

     Blue Stacks new software loads as a virtual OS, similar to Parallels for the Mac, or Vmware for the PC. You can have your Windows OS running and run the Blue Stacks application with the Android operating system simultaneously and can switch back and forth between the two seamlessly. What is so great about this is that it uses all of Windows utilities and drivers. For example if you have an instance of Android up and running and you need to print something, you can just hit print as you normally would. You may even have Android up and running and have Skype opened, it uses Windows’ to handle the audio and video as well. 

    The only drawback about using this PC application is that it doesn’t have any access to the Android Marketplace. However they do have access to the Amazon App Store. This software has NOT been made publicly available yet. Although it will be made and available to download at the end of May. I know that I am anticipating the release of this application. What do you as the reader think? Is it a good idea to run Android on your desktop or notebook? I would relly love to hear your feedback. As always, get out there and enjoy your day!





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