Friday, April 29, 2011


       Have you ever tried the Linux operating system?

      If you haven’t, I think that you should.

      There is one distribution in particular though that you should really try: Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu? It is probably the best and most popular Linux distribution. It is also the most easiest to use. What does Ubuntu mean? It is Zulu for humanity. The best part about Linux, it’s free and it works with all of your favorite applications. It is fast, secure and easy to use. There have been 13 different versions in 6 years, with absolutely no viruses. Microsoft can’t boast about that from any of their OS’s. You can install it on your desktop, server, or in the cloud.

There are a lot of great features. Ubuntu has everything that you need for a great user experience surfing the web. Mozilla Firefox is the default browser, you can also choose to install Google Chrome as well. For office documents there is Libre Office. Libre Office is easy to use and can open up any office document from any other OS. There is one of the best default email clients in Evolution Mail. For chat there is Empathy.

You can also play, edit and burn music as well. You can even purchase music through the Ubuntu One Music Store. It comes equipped with photo software as well for you to manage, edit, and share your favorite photos. You can get thousands upon thousands more free applications in the Ubuntu Software Centre. You can also get Ubuntu One to sync all of your files in the cloud. The other great thing about Ubuntu is, The Ubuntu Promise, which states:

Ubuntu is free. Always has been and always will be. From the operating system to security updates, storage to software.
 Ubuntu is fast to load, easy to use, available in most languages and accessible to all.
 Ubuntu applications are all free and open source – so you can share them with anyone you like, as  often as you like.
 Ubuntu comes with full support and all kinds of services available worldwide.



Yes you should really go to their website and download a copy. It is a really great OS, better than Windows!


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