Friday, April 15, 2011

The Google Doodle

The First Google Doodle

       The people of Google are at it again.

 We have another doodle on their website today.

This one commemorates the 122nd birthday of the ever controversial Charlie Chaplin.

Over the years we have seen some really great doodles from Google. There have been doodles in all categories, from funny, sad, patriotic, holiday, and so on. When did the doodle with Google start? It is now called Doodle 4 Google. Let’s take a look through the years and reflect on some of the different doodles.

The Google Doodle got its start in 1998. Over the years the doodle has made searching on the internet more fun and enjoyable for the end user. Nobody realized how popular they would become to the Google search experience. There are some people who anticipate their release and even some who collect them. 

How did the doodle originate? It originated back in 1998. It s concept derived from the founders Larry & Sergey when they played around with the corporate logo to indicate their attendance at the Burning Man festival in Nevada. A stick figure drawing was placed behind the 2nd “o” in the word, Google and the revised logo was intended as a comical message to Google users that the founders were “ out of the office”.   It was well received by Google users. In the beginning the doodles were only to celebrate largely visible holidays. Now doodles are made for an array of wide events. 

Over time their they have become popular and are in big demand both here in the U.S. and abroad worldwide. There is now a whole team of talented designers who create the doodles. How many Google Doodle’s have been created? There have been over 300 here in the U.S. and over 700 internationally. Who chooses what doodles will be created and how are the events decided? A group of Googlers regularly get together to determine which events and holidays that will receive doodles. The ideas for the doodles come from Googlers and the general public. Is it possible for anyone to submit a Google Doodle idea? Yes it is. You can submit your ideas to   Is there a website that I can visit to see all of the doodles that has been submitted throughout the year’s? The answer to this again would be yes, here is the link:   As always, get out the and enjoy your day.     




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