Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Windows App Store?

         Do you think that this is this some exciting times in the world of technology or what?

          I can’t speak for all, but I sure do think so!

         There are so many different apps to choose from.

         There is of course Apple and the App Store

          Google Android has the Android Marketplace

          Google also has the Chrome store for their Chrome browser and their Chrome OS.

            I know that I for one really enjoy all the many different apps for the many different products. Now rumor has it that Microsoft will unveil the Windows App Store to coincide with the release of Windows 8. It supposedly will be pre built in Windows 8. Now all of us can clearly understand the reason as to why Microsoft keeps fighting Apple over the term “app store”. Apple wants it trademarked. I think that Apple clearly has that right. With the release of the Windows App Store, will we see any cheaper software from Windows?   

      We seem to be hearing about a lot of things from the people up in Redmond these days. I think that they are trying really hard to catch up to all of their competitors who have surpassed them in recent years. The once giant of technology has been knocked down to size in recent years. Below are some leaked screenshots of the Windows app Store. This is however still rumors. I will keep you posted. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. As always, get out there and enjoy your day.




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