Wednesday, June 15, 2011


One of the biggest and coolest technology companies in the world, became a little cooler yesterday. Google makes a lot of products. With their Android platform to Gmail to Picasa, truly a great line of software products. We can’t forget the Chrome browser and the ever new and unprecedented Chrome OS. Their flagship product is and always will be their search engine. The Google search engine is bar far the best. What search engine is better? Yahoo? The spyware filled Bing? Not a chance, Google is still king of the search engines. 

Some new features were incorporated in Google search, both on the desktop and mobile. They, Google that is, claim that the new features are to knock down the barriers of knowledge. What they mean by barriers, is better search results. The new features include speech recognition, computer vision, translation and other advances. Here are some of the new features, include:

 New Icons at Bottom of Mobile Web Search:

Mobile search has been updated to include a new user interface, which now features large icons at the bottom of the screen for things like restaurants, coffee, bars and "more." When you click on these icons, you'll be taken directly to local info, as determined by your current location. The locations will also be plotted on a map.

 Map of Current Location on Mobile:

Upon performing local searches on mobile, a map of your current location displays showing you where you are in addition to the places around you. As you scroll through the results, the map at the top of the page updates to show you the listing you're viewing.

Query Builder:

A new query builder feature brings a plus sign (+) to search suggestions. This feature lets you build out longer searches piece by piece by adding words and phrases to your query, as Google suggests them. This feature is available on iOS and Android devices.

 Tablet User Interface Redesign:

For tablet computers, Google Search has been updated with a new user interface which has more white space, bigger images and easier to click results.

 Google Goggles with Translate:

Google's visual search offering for mobile called Google Goggles previously let you snap a picture of something to perform a search query. Now, translation capabilities have been added, letting you photograph text in another language and have it translated on the fly.

 Voice Search on Desktop:

A microphone will now appear on the main Google website that lets you click to speak your searches. It's rolling out now in English.

 Image Search on Desktop:

The new image search feature lets you place images in Google's search box to perform a query. The query will pull up links where the photo appears and links to the photo itself. There are four ways to search by image: copy and paste an image URL, upload an image from your computer, drag and drop or use new Chrome and Firefox extensions. This feature will launch globally in the next few days.

 Google Instant for Images:

Google Instant, which automatically updates search results as you type, will roll out to the Google Images vertical in the "coming weeks."

 Google Instant Pages:

A new feature called Instant Pages will speed up page loading times so that pages load in less than a second. This feature is available in the Google Chrome Web browser only and it works by preloading some search results so that, when clicked, the pages are already available.These new features are well, really cool. Let’s see Yahoo or HAHA Bing top this!





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