Thursday, December 15, 2011

Google’s Android Goes Head To Head With Appple iPhone’s Siri

It has been reported that Google is working on it’s own version of vocal input software, that is to be included in the Android OS. This software has been under development for quite some time and we could see this software released as early as the end of the year. This software has been given the name “Majel”. Majel was the name of the voice computer from the science fiction T.V. series Star Trek.

According to reports from sources, this project has been under development for over a year now at the Google centre in San Francisco known as Google X. Reports of this also indicate that Google in an attempt to cash in on Siri’s success, acquired Clever Sense, developers of the Alfred assistant smartphone application.

The default interactive voice software that is currently on all Android devices Voice Actions, is not equipped with the capabilities to let the user go beyond the pre set commands. With Majel, the user will have more interaction like capabilities as Siri and the iOS. Majel like Siri will have the capabilities to detect users’ vocal behavior. The initial release of Majel will only have the capabilities of internet search queries, with more features to be added throughout the course of next year.  




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