Friday, December 30, 2011

HTC Bootloader Unlocker

HTC has announced that they are offering a tool for bootloader unlockers for all of their smartphones that were released after September 2011, and all of their handsets that they release here after.Upon the release of the device it will be locked. You may ask, “What does this tool do?”,It gives you the freedom to unlock your device. You can then install your own custom rom. If the carriers were smart they would unlock all smartphones. They could probably charge more, and in return they would sell more.

What devices are eligible for unlocking? The devices that are currently eligible include the:

Amaze 4G

There are more device eligible, this is just to name a few. HTC used to make this offering available, but stopped. Users and developers complained and they are making it available once more. This tool is made freely available at the HTC Dev website, which can be found here: Although a tool made by our friends at XDA Developers has been released for the Android devices. You can find that tool by going here:  Now I think that this is great, what do you think?




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