Wednesday, December 21, 2011

iPhone OS 3.1.3 Users Unable To Download New Apps

The iPhone and iPod touch have always been a great product. However owners who are currently running the old firmware version of OS 3.1.3 are apparently running into a problem at the App Store while trying to download new apps.

 It is always important to stay current with the latest version of all software. Users are complaining that they are able to update apps and have the capabilities of syncing existing apps, but can no longer download new apps directly to their devices.

This apparently started around December 15 and is still continuing as of this writing. It effects both the iPhone and iPod touch that has this firmware or an earlier version. Although there have even been reports of consumers who have the iPhone 4S with the same issue. I would suggest to do a system restore, but that may not work with older devices.

Some users who have contacted Apple regarding this issue were told to upgrade the iOS on their device. This may work, but for some who have older devices it won’t due to iOS 4 & iOS 5 only supporting newer devices. Apple is reportedly looking into the matter, although I believe they just want everyone to buy a new device. What do you think?



Whats worst than not be able to download new app.

What's worse is when you have to break down and buy a new one!


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