Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It Was An Appy Christmas For All

We love our smartphones and tablets Now it’s apparent that people spent a lot of time Christmas Day downloading new apps for those devices. A study that was conducted by Flurry Analytics discovered that records for activating new smartphones downloading apps were shattered.

Records indicate that consumer’s activated 6.8 million smartphones, a 140% increase from 2010. Records also indicate that 242 million apps were downloaded that day, a 125% increase from 2010. It was a great year for both Apple iOS and Google Android apps.

This appy downloading will continue to surge. It is estimated that between Christmas Day and New Years Day, a total of 1 billion apps will have been downloaded. Be sure to get your favorite apps at your #1 place for apps, not the market or store, but the mall GiveMeApps,




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