Friday, December 30, 2011

Studies Indicate- Android Is For Apps- iOS Is For Games

There are a few reports that are floating around the internet that is making the above statement: Android is for apps, iOS is for Games. This idea really has me intrigued. Is this statement even true? Does it matter? There are a few folks on the web who have not taken to this statement in a very positive way, especially those at The Unofficial Apple Weblog. They claim that it’s a fact that has been unfavorably mentioned against the iPhone and iPad. The original report came from those at  Xyologic. In turn, which I might add has fueled a war between Xyologic and those at TUAW.

Here is what those at TUAW had to say concerning this study:

Xyologic compares the entire US Android Market against just the free iPhone offerings in the App Store, which is the first warning that its data and analysis is going to be skewed. Comparing the top 150 downloads between these weirdly disparate markets yields the following results:
Entire Android Market:
·         85 of top 150 downloads are apps, with 91.5 million downloads
·         65 of top 150 downloads are games, with 33.4 million downloads
Free iPhone Apps:
·         50 of top 150 downloads are apps, with 25.6 million downloads
·         100 of top 150 downloads are games, with 71.6 million downloads
If you didn’t know any better, you could easily look at the numbers Xyologic came up with and reach the same conclusion they do: Android users certainly appear to be downloading more apps than games compared to iPhone users. But the fact that Xyologic only chose to analyze the numbers for free iPhone apps skews the numbers so far that the study is essentially meaningless.
Then of course those at Xyologic apologized for this response by stating that they were only comparing free Android apps to free iOS apps. More people download games on the iOS platform, but Android does have some great game offerings. This study really doesn’t indicate anything if they are just comparing free apps. I’m not convinced that Android is for apps while iOS is for games. I myself use both platforms. Why do people even try to compare them? They both have great offerings. Androids plus is the openness of the OS, although this may be the reason of the issues with malware. However the iOS does have better security, I’m not sure abbouth better games though. What do you think?




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