Monday, April 9, 2012

Slim Kicker- Level Up Your Body

There are a lot of us in this country who struggle with one thing or another. For some, it’s a weight issue. I know that I too struggle with this. There are however, times when we are just too laid back, and at other times, too overworked. In this country we like to eat, we super-size almost every meal, even our snacks. Diets don’t have to be hard or even boring. There are some who are even making diets fun.

 Now I know what you are thinking, “a diet that’s fun”? Yes it’s the Slim Kicker. This app really has it together, along with its motto, Level Up Your Body. The app is now available for the iOS (free). Slim Kicker though, is much more than a diet. It’s a platform and social community that motivates people who wishes to lose weight and live healthier. It does this by offering a "points" system, where more points are rewarded as you eat healthier, do more physical activity and complete challenges that help build healthy habits.

Slim Kicker doesn’t even want to be a diet, it wants to be "diet-neutral", you can use it while you're on any diet, whether it's Weight Watchers, or low carb, but you can use it if you're looking for a free, simple approach to losing weight. In addition to providing tools, SlimKicker also helps people learn more about what they're eating, and the importance of physical activity. Most people are just not educated enough in this area, some don’t even bother with the educational aspect.

Like But diet, and fitness are half of the battle. Most people regain weight because they never learn long-term habits. We solve this by taking habits as quitting soda, and turning them into 7-30 day challenges. Like a regular game, the challenges start out easy, and gradually become harder, with more points. We encourage you to check-in daily with others doing the same challenge for accountability and social support.

SlimKicker can be used alongside any existing diet program, or can replace other diets such as Weight Watchers. We think short-term diets are not effective because people return back to bad habits after they're over. SlimKicker, on the other hand is all about learning proper nutrition, portion control, and acquiring important habits. In addition to challenges, SlimKicker also offer tools such as a calorie counter, a fitness tracker, and resources.




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