Friday, January 6, 2012

Android Market Surpasses 400,000 Apps

Another milestone for Android, the Market has surpassed 400,000 apps. Sure the Apple App Store got there first, but the Market is gaining ground on the App Store.

This is an amazing feat for the Market considering that in April of 2011 there were only 200,000 apps and in August of 2011 the market hit the 300,000 milestone. This feat comes just one month after Google announced that the market had surpassed 10 billion downloads. That was a great 10 days of apps for $.10 apiece to coincide with that feat.

Of all of the applications in the Android Market, 68% are free. The Market required two more months than the App Store to reach the status of 400,000 apps. In addition to this, the Market has than 100,000 active publishers. I’m sure that we will see 500,000 apps in the market before the end of the summer of 2012. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolution Apps

We are a people who are addicted to numerous devices or substances. Are you one of those who made a New Year’s Resolution? Do you want to quit smoking, drinking, or maybe lose some weight? Some habits can be very hard to break. There is some help though, like the saying goes “there’s an app for that”. Here is a small list of apps to help aide you in your New Years Resolution.

Please note, this is not some medical advice. You should always consult your physician with any medical related questions. These apps will only give you some motivation, support and reminders of your determination to kick your habit.

Quitting Smoking

Here are a few apps that will help in the aide of nicotine addiction.

Quitter- This app helps to motivate you by reminding you of two important points- how long you’ve been a quitter and how much money that you have saved, since you’ve quit. You simply enter your start date and the number of cigarettes that you consume in a day’s time. Then you enter the cost per pack and Quitter uses the notifications built within the iOS to tell you how you
are doing.

Then for the Android equivalent there is Ciggie. Ciggie is similar to Quitter as it aims to make you more conscious of your smoking habit. It will probably work the best for those who are trying to slowly wing their selves from smoking. It’s main focus is counting cigarettes and the intervals between puffs. The tar inhaled/ life shortened stat serves as the motivator to stop. 

Quit Drinking

Most people just really need to slow down and not consume as much. However there are those who have an alcoholic addiction. The problem lies within those who need to be honest with themselves and get some help or aide. These apps are available for the iOS and Android.

12 Steps AA Companion

Alcoholics Anonymous or AA as it is referred to may be the best well known source for alcoholics. For those who are in AA, this app can be used to help with the 12 Step program. The app provides motivation through readings and reminds you how long you’ve been sober, it also provides you with contact information to stay sober.

Weight Loss

Lose It- You can succeed at weight loss with Lose It. You have the ability to set goals and establish a daily calorie budget that enables you to meet them. Stay on track of your diet each day by recording your food and exercise and staying within the budget that you have limited yourself to. The average active user who uses Lose It, has lost more than 12 pounds and more than 85% of those who used this app have lost weight.

Whatever goal you have set for yourself, it is attainable. There is no better time than the new year to accomplish a new goal with a resolution. Chances are, “there’s an app for that”. Don’t go to the store or the market to get your apps, all are obtainable right here at the mall, the GiveMeApps mall that is,
What do you think? I would really enjoy some comments.  


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