Saturday, January 22, 2011


           Today I would like to give some thoughts about our good friends at Google. I really enjoy all of the wonderful services that they have, almost all are free. They are so much more than the best search engine provider. They have the best of almost everything. They have the best and the fastest web browser out there, Chrome, or on the Linux desktop, it's called Chromium. Simply the fastest browser. Give it a try, if you haven't already, you will be very pleased, I guarantee. I can wait until they release the official Chrome OS, yes folks it's true. May I add, it's really cool. You can download a copy @ .  Just simply download it, burn it on a disk, restart your computer, make sure BIOS settings boot from CD first and there you have it.

             Try out all of Google's product's. The have a very good email in gmail. They also have Reader, Picasa, the list just goes on and on and they are all very good. Oh yeah, you might check out Google Voice as well. You can make FREE calls anywhere in the good 'ol USA. That's right free. You can make calls from the inbox of gmail as well. One other really cool thing is you can send SMS too, yes text messages. I have been using Google Products for years. Hoping to get one of their new CR-48 laptop's that they are giving away as well. What you mean you haven't heard about the Pilot Program? Well just head on over to this address now and sign up  .  I really just can't say enough of good thing's about the good people at Google. Remember one thing, get out enjoy your day and happy teching!    

Flashing Your Cellphone

         You know the last couple of day's, I have been talking about modern technology. I would as always here on this blog continue with that topic. It's that topic that's going to drive this blog. I have mentioned that I had dual booted my phone, like a computer to run more than one operating system. It's really pretty easy, you just have to unlock or as they may say " flash " your phone. Some people may be scared to try that. You can "brick" your phone. I think though that it's really highly unlikely. I'm not an expert, but I've done it on all of my smartphones. It's a process that will make your phone better. Your phone will love it as well. You just have to follow all direction's very carefully. just head over to these two wonderful websites: or check out this website:  These people have all of the answer's on flashing your phone. Get the bloatware (mobile carrier software) off of it, you will be glad that you did. As always, get out enjoy your day and happy teching.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Tech

          Yesterday I had talked about some of yesterday's technology to today's. I've got to admit, I really do enjoy all of the "good stuff" that we have today in technology. I talked about having the Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2. It is an amazing phone. I think that HTC makes some of the best phone's out there. If they had an app market for their phone, they would easily beat the iPhone. That's where Google came in with the Android. I got to tell you, I simply love the Open Source compared to plain 'ol boring Window's Mobile. I had talked about dual booting my phone with Window's and Android. Yes, just like on your desktop or laptop, your phone can be dual booted as well. I would like to share a link of it  :

          It is really wonderful, all of today's tech. The best part of it all, nowday's just do a search on it. What I meant is whatever you are attempting to do, just search, the answer is there. I myself use the search engine that I have used for the longest time, Google. Everyone else doesn't even compare. Until next time, get out there, enjoy your day and happy teching!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Technology

                I would like to cover a lot or all technology in this blog. I would like to include everything technical. It would be really great to get feedback from reader's. I am really passionate about technology. I grew up in a time where we didn't have all of this "good stuff", if you will. We had LP's, the cassette's, and even the Sony Walkman. Now I guess we flash forward to today and we have PC's, Mac's, iPod's, iPhone's, Blu Ray DVD's, numerous tablet's out and in the work's. So many to choose from, I clearly like it all.
               Where to start though? I like many other's, have a lot of these thing's. PC with a quad core processor, dual core laptop, iPod Touch, to name a few. I even have the HTC Touch Pro 2 from Sprint. Funny thing though, that phone came over bloated. Way too much Sprint bloated software. My good associates at have a wonderful site. I was able to flash this Windows Mobile phone. I put an even better modified version of Windows Mobile on it. Then the best thing was, I dual booted it with Android. Now this phone is really sweet!


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