Friday, March 18, 2011

Pwned Again

       Last week we brought you the hacking competition Pwn2own. Now I would like to bring you some more of those results, this time from the mobile OS side of the competition. We told you that it didn’t take anyone long at all to crack Apple’s Safari browser or the IE8.  It seems that on the mobile side of things, the Google Android OS and Windows Phone 7, were abandoned and unhacked at the end of the competition. That is a good thing to know considering the recent malware that was found in the Android marketplace.  On the lighter side of things it only took 2 days for the iOS and the Blackberry OS to be hacked. Those contestants who were lined up to hack the Android OS and the Windows 7 OS withdrew for a variety of reasons.

         Pwn2own is now in its fifth year. For those of you who don’t know the hacking competition is divided into two areas of competition: web browsers and mobile operating systems. Those would be the areas that we use the most. Pwning and owning occurs if the hacker defeats the frozen version. If the exploit that they used still exists in the current firmware, they are also eligible to receive a monetary prize.

         There are many different factors to determine how hard a target is to hack. There is the safety of the software itself, the exploit mitigations that are already in place for that software, and then the amount of research that has already been conducted ( which can thereby speed of the process of writing the actual exploit itself). Contestants withdrew from hacking Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, even though Google had offered $20,000. The iPhone and the Blackberry use Webkit in their browsers, which means that they are all susceptible to exploitation through the browser, and that’s exactly how the iPhone and Blackberry were hacked. Although no device is safe from being hacked. What do you think? I would really love to hear your comments. As always enjoy your day!      




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