Tuesday, March 15, 2011

R.I.P. Microsoft Zune (2006-2011)

        Here's a story for the masses. Microsoft is finally killing off the Zune. After Apple's successful run with the iPod starting in 2001, Microsoft wanted a piece of the MP3 player pie. This is what they offered us.  They tried to compete, but was 5 year's behind their biggest competitor, Apple. At the time of the release of the iPod, Microsoft was still the biggest tech company in the world. The reason that was given to stop production of the Zune music and video player is because of tepid demand, letting the company focus on other devices.

         The Zune was good, just not good enough to compete with the iPod. Word has it that only the hardware aspect of the Zune is being retired. You can still go to the Zune website at http://www.zune.net/en-US/  and get the Zune software for either your mobile phone, Xbox, or even your desktop PC. Zune software let's customer's buy songs and movies, as well as pay a monthly fee to stream unlimited music.

          After 5 years of the release of the iPod, Microsoft released the Zune in 2006. It just never managed to get a grip of the MP3 market that Apple already had the reigns on. Upon it's release Microsoft's Steve Ballmer predicted that one day the Zune would overtake Apple and the iPod. This as we see never happened, and now we are seeing the outcome. Apple had a 77% of the MP3 market last year, whereas Microsoft's Zune failed to crack the top 5. I would love to hear some feedback on this one. As always get out there and enjoy your day!  




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