Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The New's

            From the tech world we have some of today's tech news. Everyone is geared up for the Apple iPad event. I know that everyone is anticipating the release of the iPad 2. Stay tuned throughout the day, I will keep you informed on the latest. Speaking on tablet's, we have yet another one to tell you about. This time this one is from Blackberry. It seem as though that we will see the release of the Blackberry Playbook on April 10th. It has a 7 inch LCD screen, 1 GHZ dual core processor, 1 GB of ram (memory), 2 cameras, one in the front at 3 mega pixel, and 1 in the rear at 5 mega pixel. It is powered by the Blackberry Rim OS. For more information, please go here:  Above is the picture!

       Word has it the the motorola Xoom is more expensive the the iPad because it cost more to build. Has anyone checked the prices for this? I have, it cost $360 to build the Xoom, while only $320 to build the iPad. Either way although both are very good products, I believe they are still a little pricey. We as consumers want a better deal. When are these tablets coming down in price?

          In other news, there were dozens of Android Apps pulled from the Marketplace due to Malware infections. Wow first the big mess with Gmail and now this. What's going on Google? I know it's hard whenever you are on top, always someone there trying to knock you down. The infection is one of the worst to hit the mobile market. It sounds as though that the more opened source os, needs to beef up it's security a little. We know that Apple screens it's apps, however Google does not. Do we forsee a change coming to this? Apps released under the developer names of "Kingmall2010", "we20090202", and "Myournet" contain the DroidDream malware and have been pulled from the Droid Market Place. As always this malware wants our personal information. I will have more on the Apple press conference later. As for now though, get out there and enjoy your day!





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