Saturday, March 5, 2011

Will Microsoft Catch Up?

                     My question today: Will Microsoft catch up? It seems as though the world's once biggest technology has fallen behind in recent years. It was just a few short years ago, they were still on top of the mountain. We all know who's on top now, Apple it seems as though no one is going to knock them off. We all know to that the problem's with Microsoft started whenever they released the Microsoft Vista OS. People either stayed with XP, moved to the Mac, or even as they say migrated to Linux. They used to be the only choice. We all know that there are many different platforms and many different choices. There are just too many people who are afraid to make the leap and leave the Microsoft OS. I for one haven't completley done it myself either. My desktop stll runs Windows, Linux on my laptop, and I just can't afford a Mac.

                        The reason I posed the question, is to me Microsoft has lost touch with the people. They have fallen behind. All companies are farther along it seems with the Droid or iOS. Numerous amounts of technology companies are releasing tablets like you wouldn't believe. Reports have it that Microsoft will not release their tablet until 2012. In my estimation, that will certainly put them behind everyone. It may be too late for them. Can they, will they catch up? It seems they are too busy working on an edition of Windows to run exclusively on tablet's. You would think that after all of the success and excitement that the iPad has brought to Apple, Microsoft would be a little more enthusiastic about getting into the mix with the tablets. This is their loss though. It will hurt them as a giant in technology. If you are out there and you are reading this Mr. Gates, it's time for Ballmer to move on. He is hurting Microsoft. You need youth at the head of the reins.

                          They have also kicked off an effort to rid the world of the IE6. A really horrible browser anyhow. I just didn't know that there were still so many people in the world that used it. Here's a good one for you: " friends don't let friends use Internet Explorer  6. They have even set a website where you can clearly see 12% of the world is still using the IE6. There are still an overwhelming 34.5 percent of the world's user's in China. You can visit the website here:  I think though that a browser that was released 10 years ago, people wouldn't even risk using. It is certainley not stable. It wasn't then, it's not now either. So you see, they, Microsoft have fallen behind the competition. Go on get out there and enjoy your day!

                                                  IE6 World usage, see link above




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