Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Technology

                I would like to cover a lot or all technology in this blog. I would like to include everything technical. It would be really great to get feedback from reader's. I am really passionate about technology. I grew up in a time where we didn't have all of this "good stuff", if you will. We had LP's, the cassette's, and even the Sony Walkman. Now I guess we flash forward to today and we have PC's, Mac's, iPod's, iPhone's, Blu Ray DVD's, numerous tablet's out and in the work's. So many to choose from, I clearly like it all.
               Where to start though? I like many other's, have a lot of these thing's. PC with a quad core processor, dual core laptop, iPod Touch, to name a few. I even have the HTC Touch Pro 2 from Sprint. Funny thing though, that phone came over bloated. Way too much Sprint bloated software. My good associates at have a wonderful site. I was able to flash this Windows Mobile phone. I put an even better modified version of Windows Mobile on it. Then the best thing was, I dual booted it with Android. Now this phone is really sweet!




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