Sunday, January 30, 2011

Web Browsers

                   There are different computer operating systems for different needs. It really all just depends upon the person. Microsoft has Windows, Apple has Apple, and Linux, has many to choose from. There are other operating systems that I haven’t mentioned. I guess like they say another time another blog. Since there are many different systems, what I like is that each wants you to run their web browser. Have you done a comparison of browser’s?

                   Google has chrome. I think by far the fastest and safest browser out there. It runs on Windows, Linux, and the Mac. I for a time would not use anything but Mozilla Firefox. Then it happened, Chrome came out. If you have not tried it, go ahead and go download it and give it a try. The second fastest browser would be Firefox. The beta 4 version of it, is well really good. It has become a lot of faster. Over the years, I thought that it had become bloated and slowed down. It is safer and has HTML 5 support as well.  Try the beta version.

                     Apple Safari is another really well browser which is probably the next best and fastest browser. It like Chrome and Firefox have a lot of extensions. If you haven’t  tried it give it a try as well. Most people have tried it because they package it with iTunes and Quicktime. I think that the least fastest browser out there is, and I don’t want to say it is the IE. I think that over the years Microsoft has in a way tried to copy some of the features of the other web browsers out there.

                      I really like what Microsoft has done with Windows, I just don’t think that the Internet Explorer is something to use to surf the internet. I think that is really slow and bloated. It is fast though if you have a really high powered processor and 2 gigabytes of memory or better. I think that what I like best is that all of the browser’s will run on Windows.

                     There are another different browser’s out there as well. There is Opera, Mozilla SeaMonkey, these are for Windows. Mozilla has Camino for the Mac, and there is I would say an endless list almost if you will for the Linux operating system’s. You don’t have to use one or the same old web browser, when there are many to choose from. Go on get out there and try something new today. Well now it’s time to go, get out there and enjoy your day!    





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