Saturday, February 12, 2011

The New Face of T.V.

              I remember being a child and discovering the T.V. What fun, excitement, and joy that brought to me as a child. We only had a 13 inch black and white though, yes black and white T.V. Then the move to the 19 inch and color T.V. I could sit and watch for hours, and usually did, especially Saturday mornings. That’s when I got control of the T.V. Those were the days, cartoons here we come. As I got older, in my teens, or about, we like everyone else almost, got cable T.V.

                There was more channels to choose from, and I was getting older, so cartoons became boring. Then it happened on
August 1st 1981, MTV. That was the channel to watch. Back then, you could actually call it music television. I don’t know what they have going on there now, I haven’t watched in years, but it’s NOT music television.

                 Today though, I have found since I’m older, I’m a sports and news junkie on the T.V. CNN, ESPN and the likes, I believe to me is entertainment. I’m really not into much else. On occasion though I will watch something on the History Channel or the Learning Channel. Once in a while, Nick at Nite.

                 In the part of the country that I live in, we only really have 3 cable T.V. providers. They are all pretty much on the expensive side. Don’t even think about satellite T.V., the service is fairly well, but when it sprinkles, you get no service. I knew someday that something better had to come along, and it has. Now we watch T.V. programming from different avenues.

              Apple has released their Apple T.V. box, which allows you to watch T.V. from it. You can just buy your programs from iTunes. Then came Google and Sony with the Google T.V. You can either buy a Google HDTV or the Sony Google Blu Ray box. We also stream movies from Netflix, Hula, and the likes. The only thing that I don’t like is, the cable T.V. providers in this country want to block these new projects. Do a search, see for yourself. Go on now, get out there and enjoy your day!




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